Morning session 1

  • Opening speech
  • Tom Currie – Cultural Evolution: Opportunities and challenges for investigating a rainforest origin of modern Homo sapiens
  • Corey Fincher – Behavioral immunity and the parasite-driven-wedge model of the genesis of cultures and species

Morning session 2

  • Mark Thomas – An African American paternal lineage adds an extremely ancient root to the human Y chromosome phylogenetic tree: What difference does it make?
  • Peter Walsh – Pathogen rain, spatial structure and the evolution of human genetic and cultural diversity

Genetic panel discussion

“Spatialising” research on genetic diversity.

  • Mark Thomas
  • Aylwyn Scally
  • Laurent Excoffier (remotely from Switzerland)
  • Anders Eriksson (remotely from Saudi Arabia)
  • Joseph Lachance (remotely from USA)

Cultural panel discussion

“Spatialising” research on cultural diversity.

  • Peter Walsh
  • Tom Currie
  • Corey Fincher
  • William Banks (remotely from France)
  • Pete Richerson (remotely from USA)


The conference was recorded using Adobe Connect . Click on the links above to watch the video (no need to download or instal anything, you can just watch the video online).